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Saturday, September 12, 2020

চালতার আচাঁর রেসিপি | chaltar achar recipe | Elephant Apple Pickle Recip...

চালতার আচাঁর রেসিপি | chaltar achar recipe | Elephant Apple Pickle Recip...

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Saturday, March 22, 2014

My first Auto

Choose and buy your first car always generates anxiety and excitement, is that sense of child who will buy a new toy;
And if you're already on the road and you decide, I suggest you ask yourself some questions that can bring you back to reality for a moment and help you make a good decision that does not create a problem in the future.
First of all, you need to think carefully if we are facing a need or a whim, if we really need is for a purchase or theme " want to buy "

The first option is an investment that is going to generate an economic return through savings or profit. On the other hand, if we allow our revenues this whim, why not buy it as a reward for the effort? . Always have this very clear.

The second thing to look at is whether we can and / or should we buy a new or used car, if we have less capital, directs us to choose a used, but if we have a higher income, we have the ability to choose a new one. Just look at the pros and cons of each choice, such as security and tranquility that can give us every decision we make.

Take this election as a marriage, one must fall in love with heart and marry the head, so we have to see if we should acquire that order and fulfill all the responsibilities that we may generate in the future.

Now we have already made the choice to purchase the car and chose the one; it's time to see how they will pay the same. This can make cash or with a credit vehicle, this is a decision to think it well because when you purchase a car, we are committing to take a flow of expenditure for its maintenance (gasoline, taxes, visits to the mechanic, washed, parking ) and the fee, if we consider the option of financing through the credit vehicle.

By financing a car is always good to compare various existing Vehicle Loans in the market as you can get additional benefits like Free Year SOAT for example. However, if we finance a used vehicle, it is also preferable to compare personal loans with vehicle credit, This is because in some cases personal loan's rates may be lower.
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Savings account, why?

Savings account, why? When my brother got his first job said unto me, can I borrow your account to make me deposit my paycheck? Question to which I replied immediately " What but your bank account is like your ID. " And so I came unintentionally to a resolution without planned. If you already started your working life have a bank account is required. And the next question is what and how But I open my bank account?

To determine, which is the best choice you must know first what you need are a Savings Account and Current Account no. The savings account, unlike the current account is for people who are just entering the financial system does not have a credit record and do not need a medium-term loan.

However, the savings account gives you a number of benefits:

    1. Saving without costs:
    There are several options for savings accounts maintenance cost S / 0, but with eye conditions such as an amount of window operations, cash or minimum balances.

    2. Debit Card:

    Most companies will provide a debit card with which you pay your bills on any property without carrying cash, and if your stolen or lost, just call the block for you. Then you the reset.

   3. Win Interests:

    In the market you get absolutely all interest on your money, of course, in some cases more than in banks, but always looking at the costs do not exceed the interest earned.

   4. Red Bank:
    Banks will offer a number of channels through which you can make your operations. My favorites are Internet Banking and Mobile Banking. In another post, I 'll show you how to get the most out.

If you're about to begin your working life, or you just reinsert this as an independent, it must have a savings account. Evita lends accounts. Not safe nor transparent. Remember that this is a means by which you can control your spending. Until our next post.
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